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Being fully present for our coaching clients is fundamental to our work. The ancient practice of mindfulness teaches us how to be fully present in the moment. Learn how the confluence of this ancient wisdom and contemporary neuroscience can inform your coaching practice for enhanced coaching outcomes.


Exploring the elements of client coachability can improve a coach’s potential to promote change for a client. This in-depth look into how and why human behavior changes may bring profound insights and techniques a coach can immediately apply with clients.

Coaching Supervision

Just as coaches are outside observers of client behavior and understanding, coaches can benefit greatly from supervision. A coaching supervisor can provide deep insights into specific coaching problems, an observation of coaching perspectives and providing an awareness of blind spots—assisting a coach in taking their practice to a whole new level.

Executive Coaching

Soft Source has developed human capital development solutions tailored to particular organizational needs at corporate, state and federal level through custom designed executive coaching and leadership training in a team or individual settings.
We assist our clients to develop high performance teams by introducing coaching by ICF certified coaching professionals employing well recognized and established techniques to improve human performance, develop leadership, organizational development, behavioral assessments, administer and deliver 360 feedback.
As each coaching project is executed, the project team must be aware of its current state, the performance gaps, i.e. the technical or behavioral challenges which must be overcome for successful completion of the project.  Our performance management or gap closing approach ensures that clients understand the performance gaps between their employee’s current output and the output required to meet the organization’s critical mission and goals; while recognizing the impact of internal and external factors which affect productivity.