Soft Source, Inc., under a sub-contract with IS International Services, supported Siemens Filed Services Group with, team of professionals providing engineering and technical support for Siemens Proprietary plant DCS control system, their trouble shooting, system upgrades, testing and plant commissioning at many fossil power plants across the country. The tasks included, project planning, project management, testing, tuning, calibration and quality assurance. These were all Siemens as well as GE Proprietary Control Systems. Work was performed under direct supervision of Siemens site Project Mangers. The significant plant automation and engineering included:
300MW Hermiston Project Stanfield OR (2-W501FD2 and Siemens KN-series steam turbinesperform commissioning of Siemens proprietary control systems commissioning of existing and new fossil power plants across the country. Control Systems included Teleperm-XP, Simadyne, and S7. Soft source was responsible to manage and deploy the technical resources, and Siemens managed the technical contents of the project.

Power Plant Commissioning, Bali, Indonesia

Provided plant instrumentation upgrade and DCS control system commissioning of Teleperm XP and Simadyn to support a plant outage in a remote Bali, Indonesia Location.

650MW Calpine Ontelaunee Power Plant, Reading PA

Supported Siemens Field Services Group for commissioning of Teleperm-XP DCS controls systems for combined cycle power plant that consists of two W501FD2 gas turbines (each 210MW), two HRSG’s and one Siemens Steam Turbine KN-Series (230MW).

930MW Calpine Energy Centre, Decatur Alabama

Supported Siemens Field Services Group for commissioning of Teleperm-XP controls system for combined cycle power plant that consisted of three Westinghouse W501FD2 Gas turbines, three HRSG’s and one Toshiba Steam Turbine (300MW).

220MW Riverside Power Plant, American Electric Power, Tulsa OK

Commissioning and start-up at AEP Riverside 220 MW Power Plant at Tulsa, OK that had 2 GE Frame 7AE Gas Turbines. Included installation of Mark VI controls, instrumentation, loop checking, logic verification, functional checks, testing, calibration of servo valves, commissioning and startup.