Jennifer Sinek

Meet Our Coaching Team

Our coaching team is well diversified with certifications from International Coaching Federation (ICF), Center for Creative Learning (CCL) or World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) and each team member is very passionate about what they deliver in individual or team coaching environment.  Our team has unmatched skills, knowledge and years of coaching experience in federal as well as corporate space. In addition to having coach specific training they have backgrounds in organizational development, organizational psychology, change management, individual leadership development and team coaching solutions. Many team members serve on the faculty of prestigious universities and are sought after by executives in a wide range of organizations and industries.

ivan-crossIvan L. Crosling, MSHRM

Ivan Crosling, as Director Coaching Programs at Soft Source, drives the executive coaching initiatives for federal as well as corporate clients and has years of experience as human resources professional. His work focus is to develop current coaching programs and pursue emerging opportunities…… Read More »

Coaching Team

deb dennis

Deb Denis, PCC, a credentialed Professional Certified Coach, client-focused business leader helps people see what is possible, and get there. Executive Coach skilled in providing strategic consultation to senior leaders. An inspirational speaker, confidence catalyst she works with high achieving professional clients…… Read More »

clarice scriber

Clarice Scriber, MCC a credentialed Master Certified Coach; draws on more than 25 years of experience in financial services and the media, where she coached senior level executives. She has M.S. degree in Clinical Psychology from Loyola College in Baltimore; She is qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Benchmarks 360 degree instrument…… Read More »

jenifer sinek

Jennifer Sinek, MCC Master Certified Coach (ICF) and management consultant. Her clients say that she is remarkably talented at putting her finger on the crux of issues in a way that helps people. Jennifer holds a Master’s degree in Public and Private Management, She has been coaching for more than 15 years She has earned the Executive Coaching, Management Skills.…. Read More »

eric de nijsEric DE Nijs, PCC, Ed. D
a credentialed Professional Coach Ed. D and  Georgetown University Leadership Coaching certificate, Eric brings over 25 years of international experience in leadership coaching and development, process improvement, and organizational development. He helps his clients develop the leadership and change management strategies required to bridge the business…… Read More »

linda m raudenbush

Linda M Raudenbush, PCC,  Ed.D. (Human Resource and Organizational Development) at George Washington University,  and MS (Applied Behavioral Science) at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD., partners with  clients to facilitate positive change, that results in new attitudes, knowledge, skills, behaviors, ways of being and doing. A leader in team action learning, initiatives…… Read More »


Melonie Garrett, MCC leads cohort Action Learning Teams, serves as lead coach and coaches each member individually. She helps to design and deliver program elements, providing leadership tools, practices, observations and personal and organizational transformation strategies. Experiences include NIH, EPA, DHS, DOE, DOT and DOD (SES) Candidate Development Program (FEI)…… Read More »

walter hogan

Walter Hogan, PCC is ICF credentialed Executive Leadership Coach for over 20 years. He has provided a wide range of OD, HR development and executive leadership coaching for both public and private enterprises. He has worked with titles such as Director, Deputy Director, Chief of Administration, Executive Director, Division Director, CEO, CFO, and CIO.…. Read More »

anne c

Anne C. Kelly, PCC is a Federal insider with 27 year career with NPS, DOD, USDA, and FEMA. Expert in FEC, Leadership, Teams, Communication, Training, Employee Development. Qualified to administer and interpret the (MBTI®), Change & Transition, Process Improvement, Synchronicity Mirror Kit©, Organizational Experience Municipal and federal clients ICF Metro.…. Read More »


Sharon Keys Seal, PCC is ICF credentialed professional executive coach and facilitator for 20+ years. Sharon has engaged in over 3,500 hours of one-on-one executive coaching work. She has worked in industries as diverse as financial planning, manufacturing, healthcare, federal government, and management consulting. Faculty Coaching Fundamentals, CTI, at Georgetown University…… Read More »

mark sachs

Mark Sachs, PCC a certified ICF executive coach and organizational consultant who for more than 15 years have helped organizations reach their full potential. His coaching clients have included FAA, DOT, NASA, DOE, IRS, FDIC, NIH, NOAA, and USAID.  His consulting clients have included FEMA, FDA, NASA, NIH, DOD, DOE, and NIST…… Read More »


Stephanie Katz, MCC a credentialed Master Certified Coach, coaches senior executives, managers, to develop their leadership skills, enrich their lives, and express their unique talents. She brings to her coaching partnerships the benefits of 20 years of leadership experience in professional services, technology, and financial services companies…… Read More »

barbara smith

Barbara Smith, PCC a credentialed Professional Certified Coach has worked for ICF International as executive coach and consultant on numerous human capital projects for federal government agencies. She implemented strategic goals, planned their own career transition, became effective mentors and delegators. Specialized in Executive, Business and Leadership Coaching…… Read More »

adam smith

Adam Smith PCC, ICF Certified Professional Coach, is a leadership coach, applies more than 25 years of experience in business and nonprofit consulting. In addition to his work with ASC, LLC, he is active with the ICF, serves as an Alumni Mentor with Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Certificate Program in the Institute for Transformational Leadership. He is a graduate of Georgetown University.…. Read More »

gwen smith

Gwen O. Paulson, PCCICF Certified Professional Coach, with 25 years of Federal Government experience, Gwen has the empathy and understanding to be uniquely qualified to specialize in leadership executive coaching for Federal Agency. Over the past 11 years she has coached senior leaders and managers employed at (DOT)…… Read More »

jo ann lucero

Jo Ann Lucero, PCC, credentialed Professional Certified Coach, brings 35 years of experience in human resources. Jo Ann received her Certification in Leadership and Executive Coaching from Georgetown   University’s Center for Professional Development. She is certified in MBTI, Hay Group ESCI, DiSC and is an active member of the International Coach Federation…… Read More »

marshal brown

Marshall Brown, PCC, credentialed Professional Coach, has been providing coaching and leadership development services to executives and other professionals for over 15 years. Clients have included USAID, the DOT, FAA DOC, NASA, Foreign Services Institute, both in public and private sector…… Read More »

sukari pinnock

Sukari Pinnock, PCC, credentialed Professional Coach with a solid background in systems change, strategic planning, and diversity and inclusion management. She has been a human relations trainer for over 10 years, Executive/Leadership and holds an Executive Coaching Certificate. She is Master’s degree…… Read More »

cheryl jordan

Cheryl Jordan, MCC, a credentialed Master Certified Coach, through New Ventures West coaching school. Mainly work in for-profit organizations, generally with directors, VP’s and SVP’s. Cheryl strengthens the leaders’ emotional intelligence competencies in order to help to create an environment for their teams to thrive and innovate. She is Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Communications Management, (DM)…… Read More »

joel f

Joel F. Andrews, PCC, ICF credentialed Professional Coach, a trusted Leadership Executive, Career and Team Coach, uses Trust Survey and relationship management materials to build the practices that establish a strong foundation of trust. Leadership coaching certificate program at Georgetown University Washington and Center for creative learning certificate…… Read More »

maxim alkon

Maxim Alkon, PCC, is an Executive Coach and Organizational Change Management Training Specialist and Organizational Change Consultant. Maxim is the lead designer of the (PCCPP). Maxim received GCC from The (IPEC). He holds a PCC from the (ICF). ICF of Advanced Alcohol…… Read More »

kenneth abrams

Kenneth Abrams, MCC, a certified Professional Coach has been a full time coach for 15 years working with individuals and business owners to make them successful. Graduate of Temple University School of Business (1976) and Coach University (1997) he has presented coaching programs for organizations all over the US. He qualified CCG, CCMC, CLU & CHFC…… Read More »

peg long

Peg Long, PCC, Master Certified Coach, Peg has worked with leaders to develop a new level of thinking about their leadership style and translate that into more effective behavior. Peg is on the Executive Coaching faculty at Booz Allen Hamilton, also supports leadership development programs for Vice Presidents and Principals. She has MS from the University of Southern California…… Read More »

plum cluverius

Plum Cluverius, PCC, a credentialed Professional Coach,  Plum is a catalyst for creative change in her clients and their organizations. As an executive coach, a facilitator and consultant, with experience coaching in a wide variety of organizations. Plum got into leadership development early in career and has been a practitioner ever since. She was honored by APTI with New Chapter Leader Award and named the (NAWBO)…… Read More »