Melonie is a master certified coach (MCC) and organizational development consultant with over 20 years of outcome-based experience in leading organizations, providing business and life coaching for multi-cultural individuals and teams, organizational development and performance. Ms. Garrett serves as a powerful resource for leaders and their respective organizations, reshaping leadership and organizational patterns of thinking and work practices that no longer serve the intent, goals or desired outcomes. Her first-hand experience in the various dimensions of executive leadership and the complexities facing leaders allow her to customize her facilitation in a way that leverages real-world business application, yielding leadership agility and breakthrough results.

NIH, EPA, DHS, DOE and DOD Senior Executive Services (SES) Candidate Development
Program – Federal Executive Institute (FEI)
Ms. Garrett leads cohort Action Learning Teams, serves as lead coach and coaches each member individually. She helps to design and deliver program elements, providing leadership tools, practices, observations and personal and organizational transformation strategies. Ms. Garrett helps the team and individuals achieve goals, work through team development challenges, design development goals and plans for shadowing, a four month detail assignment, and helps them manage the transitions. She helps the team successfully complete IDP’s that focus on ECQ development and the SES CDP application process and certification
Principal & Master Certified Coach ATG Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Melonie Garrett is President and Principal Coach of the ATG Consulting Group which focuses its work in the area of individual and organizational capacity building. She applies her business leadership, human resource generalist information technology and life competencies to help her firm and client organizations navigate change for personal and professional growth. Her areas of expertise, gained from over sixteen years of experience, include:

 Executive Coaching (over 3,500 hours)
 Diversity & Inclusion Dialog
 Team Building, Team Interventions Team Effectiveness and Facilitation
 Action Learning
 Organizational Development, Effectiveness and Strategic Competency Planning,
 Leadership development and executive coaching,
 Succession Management,

Her consulting firm supports a variety of nationwide clients in the areas of assessment and coaching, multi-rater feedback, performance management, post-merger & acquisition cultural integration, managing inclusion, and leadership and organizational development. Ms. Garrett received her master’s degree in Organizational Development from The American University, and Coaching certification from the Newfield Network (led by Julio Olalla). She has held leadership positions in the industries of telecommunications, transportation, hospitality, and manufacturing; in such companies as Bell Atlantic, Amtrak, and Rockwell International.

Areas of Expertise
Organizational Development
Diversity & Inclusion Dialog
Team Interventions
Team Building
Action Learning
Industry & Sector Experience

Functional Experience
Action Learning
Executive Coaching
Team Coaching

Master Certified Coach (MCC)
International Coach Fédération (ICF)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Morgan State University
Master of Organizational Development The American University


St. 88, Villa 98, Morgan, USA

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