Soft Source Inc. provides professional services in human capital development and staff augmentation services for Corporate America, State, and Federal agencies that require highly skilled manpower for technically complex projects. The firm was founded in 1999 to support the engineering,
procurement and construction (EPC) industry by providing highly skilled technical personnel, engineering project management, resource management, engineering design and review services. Subsequently, we have developed human capital solutions for this industry which has fierce competition for highly qualified candidates.

Soft Source provides HR solutions which ensure that our clients successfully complete their tasks /project they undertake (we denote successful completion as the future state). As each project is executed, the project team must be aware of its current state and the performance gaps (technical or behavioral challenges) which must be overcome for successful completion. Our performance management or gap closing approach
ensures that clients understand the performance gaps between the employee’s current output and the output required to meet the organization’s mission and goals, while recognizing the impact of internal and external factors. Soft Source will support the new hire to maximize engagement throughout the project life cycle.


We deploy a variety of individual and organizational development tools to harmonize project teams and work groups. We use an intuitive, four-phase, consulting model to improve project team performance:

Diagnose: Identifying performance problems at all levels of the organization

Design: Providing solutions to performance problems; i.e. behavioral assessments, training, coaching, facilitation, and performance improvement evaluations

Develop: Codifying the process that will be used to transition the employee to higher levels of performance

Deliver: Logistics and the art of facilitating the transition of the employee to improved levels of performance

Our method results in increased clarity of organizational roles and functions, and highlights the correct environment, context and culture that will optimize project team performance. Our work increases employee engagement, productivity and responsiveness, and facilitates a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Our consulting practice is segmented into five service disciplines:

Change Management: provide techniques and tools for an organization to transition to higher levels of performance

Executive and Team Coaching: develop competencies for leaders to guide an organization through transition

Training & Development: facilitate learning and application of the new competencies needed by staff to effect higher performance

Program/Project Management Office: systematic packaging and delivery of performance solutions without disrupting current operations.


Client Department of Energy, Savannah River
Project Name Exempt and Non-Exempt Staffing
Contract Number C002675N, C002676N
Contract Amount 1,500,000.00
Contact Person Annie E. Fields
Phone 803-952-9832
Dates of Performance 8/2011 – 8/2013
Performance Evaluation Excellent
Client US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE)
Project Name MOTCO Tidal Area Remediation Design
Contract Number $3,277,373.00
Contract Amount W91238-08-R-0023
Contact Person Cynthia Burris
Phone 916-557-6745
Email 10/2008 – 07/2010
Dates of Performance Exceeded Expectations
Client Jacobs Engineering
Project Name Staff Augmentation
Contract Number $4,500,000.00
Contract Amount Billy F. Mitcham, PHR
Contact Person 832-351-7177
Email 6/2009 -Current
Dates of Performance Satisfactory
Client The Finley Group LLC.
Project Name Systems Validations & Financial Analysis
Contract Number Staff Augmentation
Contract Amount $250,000.00
Contact Person Alex Ciccotelli
Phone 610.304.1071
Dates of Performance 6/2012 -Current
Performance Evaluation Exceeds Expectation